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Ralph and Tiffany | Glass House by Tirtha | Bali

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Ralph and Tiffany

One fine afternoon and I was so grateful to be given this chance to explore more about Glass House by Tirtha in the wedding of this lovely couple, Ralph and Tiffany.

When Tiffany and Ralph called me and asked for our assistance to capture their best moment in Tirtha, I was thrilled. It will be such a perfect experience for both of us, since as we all know, Glass House by Tirtha it is, that amazing, I could not agree more!!

On her big day, Tiffany chose to wear all white beautiful wedding gown. Accompanied by her best bride maids, we took a moment to capture this bonding between the bride and her besties. There are five of them all together. So, Tiffany and four of her best friends. All of the bridesmaids are looking gorgeous yet still cute with their bridesmaid robes and there are all ears to listen to what Tiffany needs to comfort her and ready to give their best help to make their best friend day a perfection. And when Tiffany has changed to her wedding gown, the bride maids has their beautiful dress as well.

The bride makes up and gown preparation took a while, but, let me tell you all, it was all worth it!!! I mean, just look at her in the picture. Who can handle this kind of beauty? Tiffany sure did steal everything in Ralph’s heart we all can see it.

And do not let me forget to tell you how Ralph looked like. Just like her beautiful wife, Ralph also has his best men to guard his off and make sure everything is comfortable for him. This is a brotherhood everyone could ever wanted. He wore the suit with a bow tie which we all can see this is going to drive the bride crazier in love with him.

Going to the church, all the family and friends has gathered. They are all well dressed and ready to witness the beautiful couple united into one. Among all their beautiful dress and accessories, I can capture their most beauty feature, that is, their smile. Their presence gives the most authentic happy feeling to join the couple in front of the church.

Before the couple enter the church walking down the aisle, one little boy of the family walked down and bring the sign “here comes the bride”. Uh, my heart so full to see this!

And so then Tiffany walked in and smiled to everyone in that room. Ralph can not take his look away his beautiful bride and everyone now can see and witness their love unite into one, when both of them said, “Yes, I do”. Such a thrilling and precious moment.

After that, we all continue to the reception. With an elegant yet luxurious design and concept, their wedding reception gives a warm feeling of two families join into one now. Cheers to the bride and groom and the families let Ralph and Tiffany to present their first dance as husband and wife. Both are having heart full of love now and it is safe for us to say that we can believe their journey to the marriage life will be full of love and happiness.

Closing this year with a writing of this beautiful wedding makes us believe and more excited in 2020. Here is to more beautiful moment to capture, here is to more amazing experience to be shared with you. We can not wait and we sure you can not too. Keep in touch with us and we will see you in 2020 with more moments like this.


With love,

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