The Wedding in the Beautiful Beach and Majestic Cave


The Wedding in the Beautiful Beach and Majestic Cave

Bali is famous for its beautiful and wavey beach. Everyone who comes here should already aware about that, As Wen and Liang did. They came to Bali and shared us the most beautiful day of their love life. 

They chose a magnificent wedding venue, by the beach in Samabe Resort. I considered myself lucky to be able to be part of the team. It was really a perfect day to get married haha. Bali’s sun shine its brightest shine and the wind was blowing softly. The nice wavey beach will happily be the witness of these two souls all together.

I will not talk about how beautiful the bride was because it’s just too obvious, oh my god! Let’s talk about the sleekly beautiful lace dress she had. How sweet she is in white. With a minor addition but beautiful wedding make up, she ready to face her big day with these flawless make up look. All the detail she had was mesmerizing. With a white laced pair of shoes and along with her bridesmaids, Liang come to the wedding venue and ready to walk down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband, Wen.

Wen on that day looked truly handsome and more than ready to grab Liang’s hands everywhere he goes after this. And not to mention, his deadly sweet smile when looked at Liang while she walked down the aisle, could bring everyone into tears to witness how happy and loving each other these two souls are. 

In front of the pastor, they state their vows, a heavenly promise to live along with each other, through thick and thin, health or sick, till death do as part. And after that, yayy, officially announced as husband and wife.The newly wed could not hide their happiness and gladly shared them to everyone in there. By the beach, they celebrate their moment of their life together with the closest family and friends.

What’s better than having a wedding ceremony by the beach? Yes, having a reception ceremony by the majestic cave. This is truly a dream wedding that everyone could ever ask for. In the night after changing their wedding dress and suit, they have this special and a kind of private wedding reception in a cave. Wen surely knows how to steal his wife heart by preparing this amazing reception involving the closest family member and their beloved friends. 

Time does fly when you have fun. Especially when you got to play fun games, dance happily and took silly pictures together. There was a time when Wen and Liang got to slice the wedding cake, everyone can see now that they are married, they will be ready to walk along together, taking acre of each other and live the life they ever dream before. 

We are in Stay Bright so happy for this perfect moment of Wen and Liang. We can not miss the cave more or forget the perfect beach breeze during the day. We are grateful to be part of the team and also inspired by the beautiful couple. We always will wish the best for our lovely client and surely know that we will always in for any other magical session of another wedding day in the future. Please keep in reading our monthly writing and contact us whenever you need a hand and lens to capture your beautiful moment!

Stay Right with Stay Bright!
-Agus Mahardika-