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Bali Wedding Randy & Cherie

rumah Luwih
Cherie and Randy, a love story of two beautiful souls. That one fine day was absolutely a perfect day for our lovely coiple, Randy and Cherie. They called me months ago to discuss about their wedding day, and asked me about all the photography things needed to capture only the best of the best moment of them. When they told me about the wedding venue, which is, Rumah Luwih, Gianyar, well, there was no second thought, I absolutely said that I am in to the project and, VOILA! Here we are now to share you about the magical day of the love birds, Randy and Cherie. Randy and Cherie told me that their wedding day will be very simple, but they still want to make it the most unforgettable moment of their life. Attended by close friends and family, they also accompanied by their best friends as well. There were two best men and two bride maids on their special day. From early in the morning, the bride maids, Selvi and Arlin, have been helping Cherie with anything. They are Cherie’s sweethearts and I can tell how deep their friendship is by the way of how they take care of each other. Taking the picture of preparation of the bride, I can not ignore how flawless the beauty of Cherie. She is blushing a true happiness and I know that this is the day that she has been waiting for since forever in her life. In the other room, Randy, is having a great moment with his best men. They show us the real brotherhood by today’s wedding. Pandu and Adi, supporting their best friend until this peak moment of him. Wow, truly amazing as well. By the afternoon, they are ready to walk down the aisle. Their wedding moment took place by the edge of the sea. I can not agree more if Rumah Luwih does has the perfect spot for this sacred moment. And there they were, in front of the pastor, witnessed by the family, friends, and angels from the heaven, tied the knot, and promised to live the life together, through all the thick and thin, sick or health, till forever. The day was bright and a little windy. But noting can shadow the happiness of Randy and Cherie. The blessings from family and friends, and it is true that God has blessed them in every way. They have the most beautiful wedding ever. We can see how their parents are very happy, to see the couples has grown and step up to the next level of their life, together, forever. Hey, they day has not over yet! They continue with a wedding reception in the evening. Completed by a very mesmerizing flower décor and majestic light bulbs, they definitely had chose the best set up for this special moment. The people had dinner, drinks, games, dancing and perfect laughter to fill up the night. In the beautiful night gown, I can witness how well Cherie has prepared for this night. I can not even stop shooting the camera to the happy groom, Randy, in his perfect brown suit. They are a perfect match for each other. Hey, I believed the cupid has made the perfect shoot for this couple! Ha ha ha . They end the day by a very sweet and nice kisses. Everyone closed the day by a great prayer to the couple. Wishing them a great journey together. I personally thank Randy and Cherie for believing in Stay Bright to capture their wedding day. We are happy to share the creativity and make the moment unforgettable until forever. If you want to hear another beautiful wedding story, do not miss our update in our website and please contact us if you need to know more of our services. Can not wait to write another beautiful story next month. See you again. Sincerely Gusdek