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Bali Wedding Matt & Minjee

Plataran Canggu
Matt & Minjee and The Love That Never Apart To fall in love is everything, indeed. Oh, I remember that one sunny day in Plataran Canggu when I had the chance to capture the best moment in life of Matt and Minjee. Have I told you about them previously? No? Well, now I will tell you… It was such a good day. I remember stepped on the grass of Plataran Canggu and already can feel the waves of love for everyone. Hey, everyone was falling in love. Sounds silly right? But it was true. Everyone was ready to welcome the day of Matt and Minjee unite their love forever. Minjee, our lovely bride of the day who inherit Korean culture within, was holding a beauty that no one has ever seen. She is so charming and already steal everyone’s heart with her lovely smile. Well who would not spread smile as big as her on a beautiful day like this? In her golden alike wedding dress, she has made the statement herself. Beauty was never enough to explain her that day. She wore a flower crown that made the statement, she is the queen of the day, really. I captured she never stop smiling. She was nervous, but so ready to welcome the love of her life, Matt. Matt must be one of the happiest men on earth to have Minjee by him side. With his best men, he prepared himself to wait for her bride in the end of the aisle. Looking so good and great in that day, Matt was more than ready to start the journey. I must admit, one of the best moments of the wedding is when the bride comes and walks down the aisle, there we can see the fabulous facial expression the groom will have. Why I say fabulous? Well, the groom usually has an unexplained expression of happiness, the grateful feeling and the feeling of victory to win this queen’s heart. It is literally everything. And there he was Matt, looking at Minjee while she was walking down the aisle, without blinking, holding his breath, and totally in love even deeper to his queen. Walking gracefully pass the guests, family and friend, Minjee can not stop smiling and engage everyone with her happy heart and beautiful smile. The people could not take their eyes off her. Her mother, in a very nice Korean Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) looking at Minjee so proudly, that now her little girl has grown and ready to start her own journey. After they exchanged their vows, all family and friend celebrate the happy couple by having a dinner reception exactly in the same venue. The dinner was so engaging. A Lot of games, a lot of friend and family wants to be involved. All are having a great time during the reception. Hey now come the time for dancing. Do you remember when was the last time you dance with your parents? Your wedding day can be a very touching moments between the child and their parents. So does happen to Matt and Minjee. We can see how close and intense their relationship with their parents as well. Letting their child go and knowing they will be happy with the love of their life, is one of the greatest things a parent could give to their children. Today I witnessed how everyone are having great times during the wedding. In addition, Plataran Canggu can never go wrong, I guess. I am so into another great moment like this in the future. To capture the smile, the happy tears, and the purest love, I am looking forward to put every moment in the best type of memory ever. Can not wait to share another beautiful story by StayBrigh Photography next time. Keen to see more of them? Stay right with Stay Bright. Regard Gusdek