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tied the knot by a magnificent cliff | La Joya Biu Biu

Natalie and Jack tied the knot by a magnificent cliff
-I don’t like the view-
Said no one ever from the wedding of Natalie and Jack in the La Joya Biu Biu Such a magnificent scenery they had as their wedding backdrop. The concept is naturally beautiful and suits them so perfectly. Natalie and Jack are so willing to bring nature concept wedding into another level. Their choice of venue can not be denied, will be unforgettable. Alongside of the venue, we can witness how majestic their wedding scenery was. Natural view, with trees and accustomed villa, makes everyone eyes relax yet blurry because of the tears of joy to witness Natalie and Jack love united that day. Jack looked so awesome in his suit that day. Fresh and warm indicating that he is ready to enter a whole new beautiful journey with his love of the life, Natalie. With his dad and best man being by his side, he is more than ready to get her beautiful wife into the magical story together. What’s better than knowing you marry your love of life which is also your best friend? We are so happy for him!! Natalie, the bride, or so called the queen of the day, stole everyone attention with her beautiful white dress. Natural make up burst her inner beauty even more and no one can deny that, yes, she owned that day, really. She is one of those lucky women to have a bunch of loving, caring and so called best of the best bridesmaids. From head to toe, from dawn to dusk, from happy tears to laughing out loud, yes, they were there. Accompanied by her family and pretty bridesmaids, Natalie wholeheartedly step into the wedding venue. Can not describe about the way Jack looked into Natalie. The feeling of happiness, joy, and yes, they made it into this day, we can see it all. We can feel the glorious feeling, we can feel that this is something worth to celebrate, of course. Under this light blue sky and by this magnificent cliff, we can see it all. Looking at the family, was another story. All are joined in joy and happiness. The fathers and the mothers all come together coming to give the best prayer and love for the lovely couple. It will never be easy to see our loved children away, right? But knowing they will be away with the right ones, there where all the magic happens.
Staybright was so lucky to be able to capture this magical moment. Can not be more agree that love which burst from within will influence the environment differently. Not to mention, all the family, friends and best friends. Natalie and Jack are so in love and we can see that they will have a wonderful journey together. Everyone was having a joyful moment yet so touching. We are so looking forward into another beautiful journey like this. Stay with us whenever you need an infuse of a beautiful wedding story. Staybright, will be there.
- Agus Mahardika-