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Sumba Prewedding // Viola & Fry

the word expression "WOW" itself will never enough to describe this adorable and magnificent beautiful island called, Sumba. It serves you panoramic scenery, the mountainous land, fresh air and crystal-clear river that will make your eyes relax. Such a great chance to be able to capture this great moment along with this great couple. Here is a full day prewedding with photo and video service for Viola and Fry. These two sessions get us really excited. Viola and Fry are coming from Jakarta. We have talked about this Sumba session a quite a while. Now that the day has come, we met at Ngurah Rai International Airport to directly go to Sumba, Waingapu. We arrived at Waingapu around 10 am and that Déjà vu feeling strikes right away. It seems a lot like Karangasem, one regency in Bali. Let’s go to shooting story now. Session one took sunset time. We did the shoot around Bukit Warinding. This is what we called as beauty in front of the eyes. Get out of the car, we were served by the beautiful mountains. Magnificent!!!We don’t really have this kind of scenery in Bali, I thought. I was kept in silence for a while. Lucky me to have witness this creation of the Almighty God. Next to the fullday session on the second day, we have started make up by 3.30 am. We went from the hotel to the first location around 5 am. It took 1 one hour to reach the savanna where we could find groups of horse. Just like Bukit Warinding, this location also only by the road. Hahahaha, so happy! In this first location, we did it quite quickly because we will go to the Tangedu Waterfall. In here we need to walk for quite a mile hahaha. There was a road construction at that time so we could not bring the car close to the waterfall. It turned out took 1 hour to reach the location. But everything was paid off once we got there. During the walk, we really had fun. So refreshing and also challenging. We also took some drone scene during the walk. Once we arrived at the Tangedu Waterfall, we contunied to do the shoot. Wow, it was really beautifulin there. The nature and the river were so clean. We barely saw plastic anywhere. It took 2 hors in this session, we also had some others spot near the river that was really cannot be missed. After Tangedu, we continued to go Walakiri bach. It is the Mangrove Trees that being very iconic there. It created such a nice frame to the picture. I think it will become a compulsory scene if photographers come here, so we did. Hahaha. The water was not that high so we can go quite far into the water. We also can go along the beach. After sunset in the beach, we had a great great dinner around there. The famous smoked pig. Great day ended by great food. Sounds good, isn’t? For the third day, we had session around the grass. A big area of grass and trees gave a very refreshing feeling in the morning. The main session in this third day was doing a shoot using Sumba traditional clothes. We went o village, into one very traditional house of Sumba. There they rent Sumba clothes special for photoshoot. The people were so nice and friendly. They laugh happily and also very polite. They were humble, but very happy people. We did the shoot around the neighbourhood. The wooden house was said to be built around 1942. It was before Indonesia was being independent. But see, the house is still very strong and hold its own history. After that, we had to go back to the hotel since our flight to Bali had awaits. Beautiful moments, really. We definitely will go back to Sumba to create another lovely story. I did the photography while my best partner, Agus Mahardika created the video shoot during this Sumba session. Assisted by the beautiful makeup artist, Ziphora MUA, all us are very willing to come back to Sumba someday. Oh, we surely will! See you soon on another amazing story from StayBright Photography! Regard Gusdek