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Bali Wedding Tia and Jaye | Villa Pemutih Bali

Villa Pemutih, Bali
Bali will always be the perfect choice when it comes to a wedding ceremony. It’s nuance and it’s scenery is way too appealing. And here in Villa Pemutih, they tied their knot. Tia and Jaye, one of our favourite couple. Everyone who see them, will akcknowledge their power of love is strong and influence their surrounding, too. That one beautiful day, really was a perfect day to be married for the couple. Friends and family were gather together to witness the unity of these two souls. Not to mention, those cute little flower girls. Ah, they really were the gems of everyone’s heart. The sacred feeling during the ceremony fills the air and sun shining above the ones now called, husband and wife. Happy tears and broad smile speaks the family’s heart in congratulating the couple.

Going down to the evening, rain may pouring during the reception. But no one seemed really care about the rain. They were way to busy to think about it. They were busy to dance, busy to sing, busy to smile their brightest smile ever. Those were bunch of very dedicated attendees. They barely moving from the reception area. They kept seating, kept dancing, and moving around celebrating the unity of these lovebirds, Tia and Jaye. Joining two different family means combining two different cultures. The groom is coming from New Zealand. And from this lovely family, we luckily capture the moment when they danced the traditional dance done by the groom in the nearly end of the ceremony. The special dance is called Maori Hakka dance. Isn’t beautiful to witness one of the best moment from this beautiful kind of people? Yes, we were one of the luckiest agent to join this. We are going to share more beautiful moments like this with you. Looking forward to the next journey.

Agus Mahardika