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Bali Wedding destination Neel and Davina at Villa Karang putih

Villa Karang Putih, bali
It is never a plain wedding when talking about Indian Wedding. Nothing excites me like when received the job offer for Indian Wedding.
My mouth, my hands, my hearts always say “YES, I AM IN!”. As for the wedding of our lovely client, NEEL ad DAVINA Their wedding was held in Villa Karang Putih, Bali. This couple comes from Singapore and enchanted by the view of Villa Karang Putih, Bali. Well, who would not? The nuance, breeze and rows of reef around the venue would be a magnet for everyone who sees it. What made the wedding is even more mesmerizing was the touch of Indian tradition that flew in every steps of the ceremony. Take a look at the soft pink themed costume they wore. A traditional Saree wore by the bride successfully stealed everyone attention. She also had her hands done with a beautiful Heena, completed by traditional yet enchanting bracelets as Indian bride always wear. Talking about the bracelet, we cannot ignore the shine of her other accessories, headpieces, earrings and everything else!! The groom is covered in Indian traditional wedding costume and a crown-like Toorban became his pride that night. Accompanied by the bridesmaid, grooms men, and most importantly, heart full blessing from the parents, the ceremony held in a most beautiful way possible. Have I mentioned about the traditional music they had in the wedding? When coming to the place of ceremony, Neel, the groom, was accompanied by friends and family using the antique car. Arriving at the main place, they danced as they walked and everyone moved their body out through the music. Well, it was quite hard to stop your body from dancing when everyone is clapping their hands, moving their body, and making a good noises to cheer the party up, right? What made the music special was the use of traditional large drum from India. A boy in front of the row played the drum passionately and brought all the spirit in the air. Well well well… Before meeting Davina, as usual, there was a gate breaking from the husband side. India has their own way of gate breaking, we guess. The groom was welcomed by drinks, sweets, and blessed by the family member of the bride. But not only the groom, the groom’s family was also joined this gate breaking moment and be part of it. After the gate breaking ceremony, the groom and his mother, accompanied by other family member, entered the main place, where the ceremony will be held. Seated in a chair, the grooms washed his feet and drank a holy water as part of the tradition. He was getting ready to see the love of his life while in front of them; the other family members were seated nicely, waiting for Davina, the queen of the day. There then came Davina, followed by her bridesmaid, and also her family, to rejoined her definite other, Neel. At first, they had them separated by traditional clothes thus they could not see each other. As the clothes pulled down, there they were, eye in eye, looking at their long life partner soon will be, smiled and lost words for a while, then laughed a good laugh, follow by everyone. The joy was real. Love is truly in the air!!! The couple put each other long bracelet made of red rose flower as a symbol of love and passion towards each other. The ceremony then continued by traditional and sacred Hindu ceremony. The holy man chanted the sacred chants. Their mother sat beside them, accompanying their beloved son and daughter entering a new chapter of life. The couple blessed by the holy man, and put the rings on each other fingers as the symbol of the knot that has been tighten. Then, they walked around the holy fire as the main part of the ceremony. Oh how beautiful! The entire family member threw rose petals when they walked around the holy fire. All can feel the happiness of both families. Finally, the groom put Sindhoor in the bride’s fore head and put a beautiful necklace around her neck, as the symbol of love. Now their love is eternal. The two has become one!!! With blessed from all the family member, they truly now entering the beautiful journey of marriage. Neel and Davina themselves is a lovely couple. They are strengthening each other in a very special way. And we believe everyone can feel it. They need no words to speak to each other. All gestures, all glance and Seeing Eye to eye is also a way of communication for them. But most importantly, they speak through the heart, and by that, their power of love is unbeatable. It is our honour to be part of this beautiful Indian Wedding. We cannot wait to join another journey and another story of Indian wedding, too. Well, I guess, see you again, soon? Agus Mahardika Stay Bright Photography