Oliver and Nathaly Prewedding in Bali

Nyanyi Beach
Oliver and Nathaly is one of our clients who got a recommendation from our former client - who is a cousin of Oliver, They both did the shooting sessions in the rainy season, that happened to come to bali to celebrate the wedding anniversary of one of his family and want to do the pre wedding photo shoot at the same time, There was one question that always been asked by Oliver and he asked it over and over again that is about the rain. I replied: Don’t be afraid because of the rain, because every season has their own beauty and don’t be afraid for the result of your photo became not perfect because of the weather… we can do indoor sessions while waiting for the rain to be stopped, and if it doesn’t stop, we can do it in the middle of the rain as it is quite interesting. Then their worries faded away, the positive aura grows. On the shooting day, the rain drizzled but they seemed relax and believed that everything will be alright and I could get beautiful shots although it's raining and their trust made me felt comfortable on doing my job. Here are some of their photos, indoor session when it’s raining and after the rain at the beach. “Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy - every season has their own beauty, so, don’t be afraid “ -A.M-